06. January 2016

Kvika dominates Nasdaq Iceland trading in 2015

Kvika was the largest trader on the Nasdaq Iceland exchange in 2015. Of the year's exchange-based turnover in fixed income and equities, which amounted to ISK 4,772bn, Kvika accounted for ISK 1,268bn, or 27% of the total.

Kvika was the leader in fixed income trading during the year. Fixed income market trading by Kvika and its predecessors totalled nearly ISK 1,115bn, or 28% of total fixed income market turnover. Total year-2015 turnover in the fixed income market amounted to ISK 3,992bn.

Kvika ranked third in equity securities turnover in 2015, with ISK 153bn, or 20% of the year's total of ISK 780bn. The most heavily traded companies were Icelandair Group, Marel, Reitir, N1, and Hagar. At the end of the year, 20 firms were listed on the Nasdaq Iceland Main Market and the Nasdaq First North Iceland Market.

“Kvika builds on a strong background in capital market activities, which supports our corporate vision of being a specialised investment bank. We are proud of our role in leading the transformation and development of the financial market, and our strong performance in stock and bond brokerage in 2015 is consistent with that role. We are extremely proud of this milestone reached by our Capital Markets team, which reflects successful synergy and cooperation with our clients,” says Kvika CEO Sigurður Atli Jónsson.