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Human Resources

We aim to be an attractive workplace where all staff enjoy equal opportunities. Our work culture is characterised by flexibility, good management, cooperation, team spirit, employee initiative, equal opportunities, trust, and a healthy and positive environment.

We focus on professionalism in all our operations and ensuring that all the decisions we make take account of our core value of long-term thinking. We also focus on respecting human rights, and Kvika meets all statutory requirements as regards the protection of human rights. 

Kvika has adopted a Human Resources, Equality and Health Policy, which prohibits wage discrimination based on gender, race, ethnicity, religion, age, or other irrelevant factors. The Policy also lays down that women and men must receive equal pay and enjoy the same terms of employment for the same or equally valuable work. To this end, Kvika has developed, documented and introduced an equal pay system and has obtained equal pay certification.