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Two of Kvika’s five revenue divisions are run under the Kvika Bank brand, while TM Insurance, Kvika Asset Management and Kvika UK operate in independent subsidiaries.

TM Insurance

TM is a comprehensive insurance company for private customers and businesses. TM’s role is to help customers secure their financial futures. TM focuses on digital solutions and effective services and is a leader in simplifying insurance matters and taking communication between insurance companies and their customers into a new era.

TM is a fully-owned subsidiary of Kvika. TM branches are located throughout Iceland and its headquarters are at Katrínartún 2, Reykajvik.

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Kvika Asset Management

Kvika Asset Management is a leader in asset and fund management on the Icelandic market, guided by the long-term interests of its customers. It provides comprehensive financial services focusing on performance and the long-term interests of customers. Kvika Asset Management is a good match for all affluent private customers, businesses, funds and institutions. Kvika Asset Management focuses on offering customers its wide range of services for investing in Iceland and on foreign markets. Such services include: private banking services; fund management; venture capital and investment advice; and personal services from our experts. Kvika Asset Management currently handles assets worth ISK 321 billion. Kvika Asset Management is a fully-owned subsidiary of Kvika Bank, based at Katrínartún 2, Reykjavik.

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Kvika UK

Kvika’s operations in the United Kingdom aim to provide the bank’s customers with excellent service by giving them access to investment opportunities abroad and advising them on foreign financing and other international trading instruments.

Kvika operates two British subsidiaries – Kvika Securities Ltd and Kvika Advisory Ltd – both based in Mayfair, London. Both companies are under the purview of the UK Financial Conduct Authority and are licensed to operate specialised funds, asset management and corporate finance services.

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