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General Terms and Policies

General Terms and Policies

Kvika's General Terms and Policies can be found below. It is important that new clients familiarize themselves with their content.

General Terms

pdfGeneral Terms of Business

pdfGeneral Terms for Securities Transactions

Rules and Policies

pdfRules on Best Execution of Orders

pdfRules on Measures to Avoid Conflicts of Interest

pdfPersonal data protection policy

pdfCertificate of Registration

Handling complaints

Kvika always strives to ensure that its operations are in accordance with normal and healthy business practices. An important part of these efforts is responding quickly and effectively to any suggestions and complaints received from our customers.

Kvika has established rules for handling and processing customer complaints aimed at ensuring that the process is fair, transparent and as swift as possible. The purpose of these rules is also to prevent mistakes or breaches of laws and regulations by any member of the bank’s staff from reoccurring.

Any customer with a suggestion or a complaint regarding an alleged error by any member of Kvika staff in implementing laws or regulations may file a complaint to the member of staff in question by emailing the Kvika Compliance Officer at regluvordur@kvika.is or by sending an electronic report via the bank’s website. Kvika keeps a record of all complaints and how they are handled.