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PSD2 and test environment

PSD2 and test environment

PSD2 and Kvika’s test environment

The new Payment Services Act (PSA), which entered into force on 1. November, is intended to meet the needs and challenges associated with digital development in payment services, including by strengthening the internal market in the field of payment services, increasing competition, strengthening security and efficiency for consumers, as well as promoting innovation and technological development. 

Kvika has now opened a testing environment (sandbox) for web service delivery (API), which enables third parties, as defined by the PSA, to test the functionality and features of software solutions with test data.

API stands for application programming interface or web service delivery. By enabling web service delivery in the testing environment, third parties have the opportunity to further develop products and services with the needs of the Bank's customers in mind.

Kvika emphasizes on safety in its test environment and that all operations are carried out in a safe and responsible manner. The use of the test environment is further discussed in Kvika's terms, which can be accessed pdfhere. 

The use of the test environment is also subject to the General Terms and Conditions for business with Kvika and Kvika's privacy policy. All of the Bank's terms and conditions can be accessed here.

How do I connect to Kvika’s test environment?

The test environment for Kvika’s PSD2 web service delivery is accessible here.

Those who have been issued an operating license as payment initiation service provider and / or account information service providers can log in to the test environment and adapt their systems accordingly.

Contact Kvika

If any questions arise, you can contact Kvika’s service manager via e-mail psd2@kvika.is