20. August 2023

Change of CEO

The Board of Directors of Kvika banki hf. („Kvika“ or „the bank“) and the bank‘s CEO, Marinó Örn Tryggvason, have today reached an agreement on the CEO’s retirement. Discussions regarding the retirement were initiated by the CEO. The retirement has become effective.

17. August 2023

Financial Results for the First Six Months of 2023

Kvika’s pre-tax profit for the first six months of 2023 amounted to ISK 2,684 million and return on tangible equity before taxes (RoTE) was 12.4% in the period.

29. June 2023

Announcement on discontinuation of merger negotiations with Íslandsbanki hf.

In the past months negotiations on the possible merger of Íslandsbanki hf. („Íslandsbanki“) and Kvika banki hf. („Kvika") have continued and the companies, along with foreign and domestic advisors, have worked on evaluating possible synergies and the position of a merged company on the market. 

12. May 2023

Financial Results for Q1 2023 and Earnings Outlook for the Next Four Quarters

Kvika’s pre-tax profit amounted to ISK 1,412 million in Q1 2023, in line with expectations despite net investment income considerably under expectations. Return on tangible equity before taxes (RoTE) was 13.1% in the period.

03. May 2023

Announcement from Íslandsbanki and Kvika on the status of merger discussions

Merger discussions between Íslandsbanki hf. and Kvika banki hf. are proceeding. As has been reported previously, discussions began in February, following approval by the board of directors of both companies. The companies’ boards believe that the merger can bring significant benefits to shareholders and customers of both. 

13. April 2023

Kvika Advises Refined Brands on Transformative Acquisitions in Online Ethical Fashion Space

Refined Brands, the digital ethical fashion group founded in 2021, has successfully completed three new acquisitions in the ethical fashion space in recent months, furthering Refined Brands' commitment to creating a positive impact on people and the planet through sustainable and responsible business practices.

15. February 2023

Kvika banki hf.: Financial Results for the year 2022 and Earnings Outlook for the Next Four Quarters

At a board meeting on 15 February 2023, the Board of Directors and the CEO approved the consolidated financial statements of Kvika banki hf. for the year 2022.