18. February 2016

Kvika welcomes new employees

Ásgeir Baldurs has been engaged as Head of specialised investments at Kvika. Ásgeir has wide-ranging experience in the Icelandic business scene and in company management. He joined Kvika Corporate Finance in March 2015. Ásgeir was a manager at VÍS from 2000-2007 and CEO from 2006-2007. He also worked as an advisor and co-owner of consultancy firm Expectus for about six years before joining Kvika. Ásgeir has sat on the boards of a number of Icelandic and foreign companies.

Hildur Eiríksdóttir has joined Kvika's private banking team. With extensive experience of asset management and private banking services, Hildur joins Kvika from Nordea Bank in Luxembourg. She served as customer relations manager with Nordea's private banking division from the beginning of 2013 onwards. Before then, she worked for in asset management and private banking at Íslandsbanki in Iceland and Luxembourg. In 2006, Hildur joined Kaupthing Luxembourg, where she was a customer relations manager in the private banking division until 2010. She was one of the founders of Greenleaf Financial Luxembourg, participating in launching the firm and expanding it until it was sold in 2012.

Asset management is the backbone of Kvika's operations. Following systematic development and expansion in recent years, Kvika's asset management team provides comprehensive services in both domestic and foreign financial markets. Kvika has gained ground as a specialised investment service provider, in part through real estate projects. The Bank now aims to expand these activities still further with the aim of offering its clients more diverse investment options.