19. April 2016

Kvika a certified adviser

Kvika is now a certified adviser on the First North market. First North is an alternative market for equity securities trading. It is designed for companies that want to be listed but may not be eligible for listing on the Nasdaq main market. It is therefore an excellent choice for small young companies or for growth companies seeking an option outside the Nordic list.

All firms listed on First North must have an agreement with a certified advisor. The certified adviser's role is to guide issuers on First North through the listing process and ensure that the listing requirements are satisfied.

For bond listings, the adviser's role is limited to the listing process. For stock listings, the certified adviser supervises the process by ensuring that the issuer continues to satisfy listing requirements and publishes information in accordance with market rules; it also instructs the issuer on its obligations, among other functions. The certified adviser also carries out a supervisory role on behalf of the exchange and is required to inform the exchange if it considers that rules have been violated. On the basis of this, Kvika has the role of assisting the exchange in safeguarding the quality of the market.