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Kvika's Strategy

Kvika's Strategy


To increase competitiveness of our clients and simplify their finances

We utilize infrastructure, financial strength, and a relatively small market share in many fields.


To transform financial services in Iceland with reciprocal benefits in mind

We accentuate opportunities that others cannot take advantage of.

Strategic guiding lights

Be the client

We always put ourselves in the client's shoes and think from their point of view.

Choose our projects

We direct our energy where it is the most profitable for both the client and us.

Work as a team

We use the strength that lies in broad management, short communication pathways, clear authorizations, and distributed decision-making.

Reinvent the task

We take advantage of business models, technology-based solutions, product supply, ESG, infrastructure, processes, and organization. 

Be a responsible part of society

We think about the future and work toward a sustainable society.


Courage - Long-term thinking - Simplicity