25. February 2022

Kvika Publishes Its Sustainability Report

Kvika has published its sustainability report for 2021. The report marks a turning point as this is the first time Kvika has published such a report. Until now, ESG reports have been published annually, but such information is now part of the sustainability report.

The sustainability report is based on Nasdaq's ESG Reporting Guide 2.0, along with taking GRI standards into consideration and responding to relevant indicators. Deloitte has provided a limited assurance opinion on Kvika's non-financial disclosures for 2021. This opinion is released at the same time as the report.

The report is published along with the consolidated financial statements of Kvika and its subsidiaries, and it provides a comprehensive picture of how Kvika is working towards sustainability and social responsibility on a consolidated basis. The issues that are foregrounded by Kvika and its subsidiaries, as Kvika's CEO mentions in his address:

“Kvika emphasizes long-term thinking, simplicity, and courage in its operations. The policy formulation for the new group, resulting from the merger of Kvika with TM and Lykill, has led to an increased emphasis on sustainability in our operations. One of the principles that guides us is that we are responsible participants in society, and so work towards increased sustainability in our core operations.”

– Marinó Örn Tryggvason, CEO of Kvika

pdfSustainability Report 2021