30. May 2018

Kvika in parnership with Amundi Asset Management - increased services on global markets

Kvika has signed a collaboration agreement with Amundi Asset Management regarding the sale of their funds. Amundi is the biggest asset management company in Europe. The assets managed by the company amount to over EUR 1,400 billion, divided into various asset categories, mainly bonds and shares.

Amundi’s headquarters are in France, but the company has offices around the globe and serves customers in 37 countries. The company employs about 4,700 people. Amundi is one of the biggest asset managing entities in bonds in the world, as about half of the assets under its management are bonds.

Amundi’s funds are now added to the broad selection of bond and equity funds, which Kvika’s customers have access to in the world. In addition to Amundi, Kvika is in partnership with other asset management companies such as Wellington Asset Management, T. Rowe Price Investment Management, Aberdeen Asset Management and the Credit Suisse investment bank.

The asset management of Kvika is the backbone of the bank but the bank operates on broad foundations and provides investors with comprehensive financial services on domestic and international markets.

Hannes Frímann Hrólfsson, Managing Director of Asset management at Kvika:

Kvika has invested in know-how on global markets in recent years with good results. Our objective is to be the first choice for customers when it comes to investing overseas. Kvika has for some time now been looking for a suitable partner in the management of foreign bonds. The volume of assets managed in overseas markets has significantly increased and a steadily growing number of customers avail of the service. We are therefore very pleased to add Amundi to the diversified range of products the bank offers in foreign markets.