25. May 2016

Kvika certified adviser for Iceland Seafood International

Trading with shares in Iceland Seafood International hf. (tickertape symbol: ICESEA) began today on the Nasdaq First North Iceland exchange. Iceland Seafood International belongs to the consumer service sector and is the first Icelandic company since 2011 to be admitted for trading on Nasdaq First North Iceland. Kvika is the certified adviser for Iceland Seafood International on the First North market. All firms listed on First North must have an agreement with a certified adviser. The certified adviser's role is to guide issuers on First North through the listing process and ensure that the listing requirements are satisfied.

Iceland Seafood International is an international conglomerate that specialises in the sale, production, and marketing of a wide range of frozen, fresh, salted, and dried marine products. The group headquarters are in Iceland, and the company's activities are divided into three divisions with activities in seven subsidiaries in Europe and North America. Iceland Seafood International has offices worldwide, which enables the company to reach all of the world's major markets for marine products.

Nasdaq press release on Iceland Seafood International listing.