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Helga Jóhanna Oddsdóttir

Helga Jóhanna Oddsdóttir

Alternate director

Helga Jóhanna Oddsdóttir was born in 1973. Helga Jóhanna graduated with a BS degree in Business Administration from the University of Iceland in 1998 and an M.Sc. degree in Business Administration in 2005 from the same school, with an emphasis on management and strategy.

Currently,  Helga Jóhanna provides operational and management consulting as well as being the chairman of the board and co-founder of the innovation company Opus Futura. From 2011 Helga has been the owner and CEO of Carpe Diem consulting and during 2015-2020 equity partner and CEO of Strategic Leadership in Iceland. Helga Jóhanna is also the managing director of the real estate company GMO ehf. and has been since 2015. Prior, Helga Jóhanna was the human resources manager of Landsbréf in 2001 to 2003, the director of human resources at Reykjanesbær in 2003 to 2008, and Chief Operating Officer of Opin Kerfi in 2008 to 2011. From 2020 - 2022 Helga worked at HS Veitur as Chief Operating Officer.

Helga Jóhanna also has experience of serving as a board member and served as an alternate member of the board of Frjálsi Lífeyrissjóðurinn (pension fund) and of Samorka, an association of energy and utility companies in Iceland. Helga Jóhanna has also worked for the European Union, where she took on leadership development at local government level in Cambodia in 2017. Helga Jóhanna also sat on the Child Protection Committee at Reykjanesbær for eight years and on the Education Council for four years. She has also sat on the board of the basketball at U.M.F. Stjarnan.